Building Updates

Opening Fall 2021

The new building at 66 Valley Road is almost finished, but a lot needs to happen before we can open in September! Seats need to be installed, walls need to be painted, and $350,000 needs to be raised. Continually over the life of OceanPointe, God has called us to places and people that seemed impossible to reach, but through His faithfulness, He has led OP step-by-step to seemingly unattainable heights again and again. We exist because God has called us to this island to share His hope with our community. We are so close to having this new tool to reach the community that we love,
but we need your help to get us to that "Pointe"!

What is The Final Push?

In American football when a team is one the one yard line, all they have to do to score is just get the ball across the goal line. When a player holding the ball is struggling to break through the opposing team, his teammates come behind him and push the entire pile of people over the line to score the touchdown. Much like this, we are so close to opening 66 Valley Rd. We are on the one yard line, and we are falling just short of the goal financially. We need you, our team, to make one final push to get us to our goal and into the building.
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All Hands on Deck

All of our walls are painted, rooms are cleared and ready for furniture! Grab some friends and adopt a room, or just sign-up and let us know when you're available! We will also need lots of help installing the movie theater chairs in the auditorium when it is ready! Sign-up for a time slot now!

The Church is not a building. It's us!  But we are convinced now, more than ever, of how helpful a building is to gather and to use as a tool to reach those around us.

Before and After Photos

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