Visiting a new place for the first time is a stressful and sometimes unnerving experience.  We understand and want to give you the opportunity to have some questions answered before you even visit.  Here are the questions that we would want answered if we were coming to OceanPointe for the first time.


Not here.  Anything but.  We are a community of people who are messed up just like the rest of the world.  You won't feel like you should be better than you are because no one here is better than anyone else.


You'll be guided by friendly volunteers wearing OceanPointe Shirts and by clear directional signs pointing the direction you should go to find a parking space within close distance of our gatherings.


Look for one of our volunteers in OceanPointe shirts or for our clear signage.  They'll guide you to our HELLO!desk where you can start a conversation with someone and get a cup of coffee.  


Sit wherever it's comfortable for you.  If you arrive late, we'll make sure to have a seat ready for you.


OceanPointe's gatherings start promptly at their scheduled time and last no longer than 1 hour.    Come early or stay late . . . but the gatherings will be predictable!


Wear whatever's comfortable.  Our leadership will never judge you for what you wear, how you look or anything else for that matter.


At OceanPointe, we encourage the all-out worship of our God through music, teaching, reading of scripture, art and things like giving gifts and the Lord's Supper.  However, if you'd prefer to sit and take it all in, by all means, do so.  When you want to join in, do so!


You don't have to commit to coming every week.  Come once just to check us out!  No one will look down on you for not returning.  Once you've connected, we'd love to have you come regularly but we understand that life is busy and things come up.  Our hope is that you'll WANT to keep coming back again and again! 


It's easy to get connected in person but if you want some ideas, check out how to get involved online!