We believe that the church needs to be irrationally generous and that when we choose to be generous with what we have, it makes a difference . . . for both the individual doing the giving and the purpose it supports.


Generosity is also different for every individual and we believe that God calls each person to be generous with what they have been given, just as God has been irrationally generous with us.

At OceanPointe, a minimum of 12% of every dollar given goes right back into mission work:

  • 3% goes to domestic church planting efforts in New England

  • 3% goes to help a new church plant in Quincy, MA - Restore Christian Church

  • 2.5% goes to Missions of Hope (MoHI) in Nairobi Kenya - an organization that shares the hope of Jesus to one of the poorest slums in the world by providing schooling and basic resources.

  • 2.5% goes to Polish Christian Ministries - an organization that plants new churches in Poland

  • 1% goes to supporting mission trips


Locally, we have partnerships with charitable organizations and aim to meet the members of our community right where they are through community outreach events.

OceanPointe strives to lead the way with irrational generosity and compassion and will do everything possible to make the strongest impact on the community and the world with all of our resources.