We are contributors and not consumers.  We also believe that the deeper our bench, the better our team can be.  OceanPointe volunteers lead the way with their service, commitment, and passion so that we can be a church for people who don't like going to church.  

To join a serving team, head to the Hello!Desk after one of our gatherings or simply click the Join The Team button below!  But first, here's a quick glimpse at some of the areas where you can contribute.


OceanPointe's Guest Experience team works hard so that every person feels like a top priority by welcoming, informing, and serving our guests. 

  • Parking
  • Hello!Desk (first-time guest experience)
  • Ushers
  • Greeters 


Offering both technical and non-technical opportunities, our production teams help produce smooth, distraction-free worship services. No previous experience necessary.

  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Production
  • Media Projection
  • Weekly Sermons


OceanPointe band members use their musical talent to lead our church throughout the worship service while also performing unique musical elements.



The Cleaning Team serves outside of the weekend schedule to ensure our space looks great for our guests. Our facility communicates to our guests how much we value them, so we strive to keep it in the best shape possible.


Our OP Kids volunteers work with children from birth to 5th grade so that your kids know God loves them. All OP Kids volunteers need to fill out an application and undergo background checks.

  • Nursery
  • Pre-K
  • Elementary
  • Child Check-In


Using technical and creative skills, OceanPointe's community is comprised of photographers, graphic designers, videographers and social media gurus to support our varying ministries. Opportunities are available for a variety of skill levels.


SET UP/Tear Down

The Set Up team constructs our portable environment so that people can experience God in a powerful way. This team is full of people who like getting to work, moving stuff and working hard to ensure our worship experience looks and sounds great every Sunday. 

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