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A word for all you parents out there!  Here at OceanPointe, we build relationships to make followers of Jesus, not of our ourselves.  Many parents, while good at parenting and having a relationship with their children, don’t often stop to think about who they’re raising their child to be like.  We make disciples of Jesus and believe that there’s no greater reason for parenting a child.  And so we are offering an opportunity for parents to dedicate their childrens’ lives to God.  This process is often called “Baby Dedication” and it actually resembles a similar family milestone in other denominations of the Christian faith but we’re choosing to call it “Parent Dedication” because it’s the parents who are choosing to raise their children to know, love and serve Jesus.  

On Sunday, February 4th, we’ll be dedicating the parents of babies who have been born in the last year but if you’ve never had the opportunity to take this step with your child(ren), whatever their current age, we’d love to extend the invitation for you to do so as well.  To find out more info and to let us know that you’re interested, please take a few moments to fill out the form below.  Dedicate your lives to relationships that matter!

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