Parents Great Escape is a special event coming to OceanPointe geared specifically toward parents and caretakers of young children.  If you want a night of free childcare...again . . . FREE CHILDCARE . . . you’ll want to bring your kids to this great event on July 16th from 6 to 9 PM.  Again, this is a night of FREE CHILDCARE . . . a gift from the OceanPointe leadership.  Kids can be dropped off at our office space, which we call “The Pointe” (1272 West Main Rd in Middletown) for a night of games, crafts, a movie and a ton of fun.  You can sign up using the form below.  This is a great opportunity to reach out to others in your community as well.

Parents, grandparents, and families who need a night of relief, . . . we long to be irrationally generous in this way.  We hope you’ll take us up on our offer