Our God is powerful and we believe that, through prayer, we have access to His limitless wisdom.  In all things, but specifically now, we ask you to join us in prayer as we seek to discover God's will for OceanPointe and meet Him where He is working through our church-wide initiative called "The What If Project."

Start by discovering more about "The What If Project" and why we're so excited about the future of OceanPointe Christian Church.

Then click here to sign up for a 30-minute time slot during OceanPointe's 24 Hours of Prayer for "The What If Project" Building Expansion.


Personal meditation:
Psalm 98 
     Consider your personal life - walk through the times that you've seen God working in you past, present and future.

OceanPointe Christian Church:
    Outreach to our community - pray for OceanPointe's impact in our culture.
    Discipleship - pray for the exponential growth God's Kingdom here through things like individual relationships, OceanPointe Kids and Students and baptism.
    Groups - pray for spiritual and relational environments where people deeply cultivate love and learning.
    Sundays - pray for a corporate spirit of worship in our weekly gatherings

The What If Project:
    What if we would strive to be the church God has called us to be?
    What if we would be able to use this new space to amplify our ability to reach our community?
    What if we would be able to raise all of the necessary funds?
    What if we would not allow the building to be a distraction from our purpose?
    What if we would not slip into the mindset of the church being a building?