“What if?” Those 2 little words can strike fear or inspire action.
Join us during the “What if Project” as we imagine how we could transform lives
and our community if we were the church that God called us to be.


Over the course of 9 weeks, we will ask ourselves “what if we were the church that God called us to be?” During this time, we will examine spiritual disciplines and core values that we believe God desires of the church. And since the church is the people, this is what He desires of us as individuals. Here’s a list of what we will cover over the these months:

  • What if we were a church that was

  • What if we were a praying church,
    not just a church 
    that prayed?

  • What if we were a church that was committed
    to the 
    Word of God?

  • What if we were a church that freely worshipped? 

  • What if we were a church that was
    full of contributors?

  • What if we were a church that had
    real relationships?

  • What if we were a church that took
    a breath and 

  • What if we were a church that would do anything short of sin to reach those who don’t know Jesus?




Our first Sunday was April 6, 2014. Since then, we have seen God do some amazing things through OceanPointe and as a result, we have experienced growth, especially in the area of kids.

What if God gave us another year to be the church He called us to be? What if we had more space to use as a tool to reach our community?

Within the footprint of the building that houses the movie theater, there is a 7,400 square foot space that we have the opportunity build out. We have spent much time praying about, over and around the space. We believe that God will use this space as a tool to help us reach our community.Here are some details about the space:

  • Commitment Sunday - June 7th

  • 7400 square feet

  • We will still use theater #10 for worship gatherings

  • We will create an interior access point into

  • Space will contain

    • children's classrooms

    • lobby/multipurpose/community work space

    • offices

    • cafe/information area

  • Approximate cost is $200,000 


From June 5th at 7 PM to June 6th at 7 PM we'll be hosting a 24-hour prayer vigil for the future growth and expansion of OceanPointe Christian Church.  If you would like to participate, use the link below to sign up for a half hour increment.  



Building Plans subject to change

Building Plans subject to change


Q: Why is the What If Project both a sermon series and a building expansion?
A: We want to make sure that this isn’t just about a building or finances but that this is about stretching and growing as a church...about who we are and who we can become.

Q: Why should we continue to stretch ourselves?
A: The opposite of growth is decay. Healthy things grow.

Q: Will there be an opportunity for some of us to do the work?
A: Yes, however not any of the skilled work, but we will be able to help with some painting and other small projects.

Q: What if we don’t raise the full $200,000?
A: We will not go into debt for this project. We will build as much as we have money for and then work to raise the rest of the funds to complete the project as it happens.

Q: What if we raise more than the $200,000?
A: Everyone gets a lollypop on June 14th! AND...there are other elements to the building that we can incorporate with additional funds.

Q: How long will this space be able to meet our needs?
A: Because of the flexibility of this space and using theater #10, we could easily grow to 1,000.

Q: What is the project timeline?
A: The goal is to begin construction June 15th. This date is estimated and can and probably will change. The actual build-out should take 3-4 months.

Q: Why will we still use a theater?
A: The cost of building out a worship space is the most expensive per square foot within church facilities. The amount of time that space is used during the week is often the least. The movie theater provides an ideal environment for our main gatherings. Meeting in a movie theater continues to serve as a reminder that the church is not a building. Someone who is not used to going to church might be more willing to go to a familiar place, like a movie theater.

Q: Will we still have to setup before main gatherings?
A: Yes, however the amount of setup will be reduced drastically. Parking, signage and main theater elements will still require setup.

Q: What if I’m not able to be at church on June 7th?
A: Simply go to our website and fill out a digital commitment card at the bottom of this page and there’s always an opportunity to give to this project via our online giving page.

Q: How are we handling giving/offering on June 7th?
A: Everything that is collected that day will go toward the What If Project. As everyone enters the theater that Sunday, they will receive a commitment card. This card will give them an option of noting the amount of a gift for that day, the amount for an ongoing give and/or the amount of a gift offered in the future.

Q: In what ways can I give?
A: A one-time gift.  Give over the course of the 3 months of the building expansion.  Both.  See the next section.

If you have prayerfully considered giving to our building expansion, then you are invited to fill out the form below.  
Know that the only people who will see this form are those responsible for the accounting at OceanPointe Christian Church.
Thank you in advance for your irrational generosity.

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Toward Oceanpointe's "What if Project" and building expansion: