Beginning Together

Parents are a child's first and most important teacher.

We believe that two combined influences make a greater impact than just two individual influences.
We want to partner with families to teach children about the hope of Jesus.
On Sundays we use Orange curriculum to provide programming and classes for kids aged infant through 5th grade. For more information on Orange curriculum, click here.

What's happening this month:


What's happening this month:


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About OP Kids

Our "Why"

OP Kids Ministry exists to teach and raise up children to know and love Jesus while creating a safe and loving environment for families. Our hope is to partner with parents in the Biblical instruction of their children as they bring up the next generation of followers of Jesus.

We ensure the safety of every child placed under our care. Every volunteer in OP Kids is required to pass a background check and provide references for us to contact. We do not take the responsibility of the children’s safety lightly and will do all we can to make sure they’re in good hands. We welcome and accommodate children with developmental delays, physical disabilities and other challenges.

Our caring and qualified volunteers facilitate appropriate play and learning curricula to nurture and grow each child's spiritual knowledge base. Lessons are always hands- on and engaging.

OceanPointe and OP Kids partner with Orange Curriculum. Orange combines child development and theology to create a comprehensive children’s ministry curriculum for all children in their early years based on developmentally appropriate practices. Learn more about Orange here.

We know you want your kids to grow up:

Making wiser choices
Building stronger relationships
Developing a deeper faith

Our number one priority is making sure that kids have a nurturing, safe and loving environment to grow and learn about Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to make each interaction with our OP Kids one of the highest moments of the week; preceded by the moment they get to share what they learn about Jesus with their family and friends!