What to Expect

What does joining the OP Community look like?

We are a community of broken people, and there is always room for one more. Come as you are, but know that God loves us too much to leave us where we are. Come, and find HOPE in Him!


Whether you believe what we believe or not, you are always welcome to be part of the OceanPointe community. You belong here! 


At OceanPointe, we do real life together. We strive to grow closer to God and others while acknowledging all of the messiest parts of life.


There is a place for everyone to play on our team. It takes hundreds of volunteers to be the Church inside of our four walls and out; and we want you to be a key player!


We believe that living in hope and having fun go together! When we are set free through Christ, we can laugh at the days to come and live knowing that any suffering is not the end of our story.


Sunday Service Times
9:00 am and 10:30 am

Online Services
Our service is also streamed live on YouTube.
Our Sunday gatherings are laid back. When you first walk into our building, you'll have a chance to grab some cold brew coffee from one our taps and if you have kids, drop them off in our kids' programming. As you head into our auditorium you will have the opportunity to pick up some popcorn and prepackaged communion. Once you make your way all the way in and find a seat, you'll experience live music with a  full band. We utilize video and stage lights to help create an engaging environment to present Biblical truths where anyone can take a step closer to God. We design our experience for the first timer. Whether it's your first time to OP, first time to any church or just first time in a long time, our hope is that you will feel at home.
Our services last about an hour. There is typically a message that lasts about 25 minutes an opportunity to take communion together and 3-4 songs. We are very casual. If you are stressing about what to wear, you can stop worrying because we are very casual. Like... VERY casual. 😁

"I love the feeling of genuine acceptance and community!!!"

- Katie Rezendes

"Felt very welcomed and loved. God is on the move here."

- Norm Martineau

"Great for all, no matter where you are in your faith."

- Melanie Clarke

"OceanPointe  feels like home!"

- Ashley Welch Baird 

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